Pet Wellness Care for the Norton Community

Your pet is your best friend and companion for life, but sadly, their lives don’t last quite as long as ours. Pet wellness care can help them achieve longevity while maintaining their quality of life. It includes vital services such as routine wellness exams, vaccinations, parasite prevention, and diagnostic screenings. At Creekside Animal Clinic, our goal is to support the pet community of Norton with quality wellness care so all your best friends can live their best lives.

Person holding a cat: Pet Wellness Care in Norton

What’s in a Wellness Exam?

Wellness exams consist of basic services we typically perform on every pet as well as tailored services for your pet’s unique needs. The services you can expect to receive include:

  • A nose-to-tail physical exam
  • Fecal exam to detect intestinal parasites
  • Age-appropriate blood work to screen for disease
  • Vaccinations, when due
  • Nutritional counseling to manage weight
  • Behavioral counseling

If your pet has more serious behavioral concerns, you can schedule a behavioral counseling session with Dr. Cummings. This intensive session can help you better understand your pet’s behavior and address any unhealthy behaviors accordingly.

Happy dog sitting on the floor: Pet Wellness Care in Norton

Free Vaccines for Life

Did you know you can benefit from FREE vaccines for life? All it takes is a solid dedication to your pet’s well-being! If you visit us for an annual exam with blood work, you qualify for free core vaccines each year. Ask us more about it at your next appointment, or call (330) 825-9556.

The Emerging Problem of Lyme Disease

In Norton, we have a few common issues that affect our pets’ safety. The most prevalent issue is that we are an emerging Lyme area. The deer tick has become more prominent, and with it comes an increased risk of Lyme disease. This makes parasite prevention for your pet even more important, and for dogs, we also offer the Lyme vaccine to protect them from this debilitating disease. Additionally, we offer Flex 4 testing that covers Lyme, heartworm and two other vector-borne diseases. With early detection comes early, more effective treatment.

Contact Us Today to Schedule a Wellness Exam

With a yearly pet wellness care exam, your companion can remain in tip-top shape to spend many happy, healthy years with you. Additionally, a yearly exam with blood work gives you Free Core Vaccines for Life! Schedule your pet exam today!


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